Gordon Brettell – Letter Home

Cheltenham Chronicle 28 Nov 1942

Cheltenham Chronicle 28 Nov 1942

Missing O.C. Now Listed As Prisoner

Flight-Lieutenant Edward Gordon Brettell, D.F.C., who was listed as missing in September, is now known to be a prisoner in the hands of the Germans. His ‘plane was shot down over Brest and crashed at 200 m.p.h.

Flight Lieut. Brettell belongs to the third generation of a Chertsey family that has been educated at Cheltenham College. He has just written to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vivian Brettell, that he is making good progress after the injuries he received in the crash.

Multiple Injuries

“My ailments,” he writes, “were not individually serious – four ribs, three vertebrae and left shoulder-blade broken, right shoulder dislocated, strained knee, a large cut on the head, a very smashed-in chest, ricked neck, two marvellous black eyes, a broken tooth, and concussion. My right arm backwards – quite funny, if it had not hurt so much.”

Flight Lieutenant Brettell who is 27, came to Cheltenham College in 1929. His father, a member of the Stock Exchange, served in France with the R.A.C. in the last war.


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